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Anorectal Physiology: A Clinical and Surgical Perspective

Published : Wednesday 12 August 2020
ISBN : 9783030438104
Price : €168.69

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This is the first comprehensive book exclusively dedicated to anorectal physiology and the importance of diagnostic tools in guiding the evaluation and treatment of anorectal dysfunction. Functional disorders, and specifically fecal incontinence and evacuatory disorders, are prevalent in the general population, affecting up to 20% of individuals. As many of these conditions have extremely complex mechanisms, a thorough understanding of anorectal physiology is a crucial element in the surgeon's arsenal to ensure accurate evaluation and to inform treatment. At this time, there is no other title that specifically addresses all aspects of anorectal physiology, as well as anorectal and pelvic floor disorders, including fecal incontinence and defecation disorders. Specifically, the book provides detailed descriptions of diagnostic methods and treatment algorithms for a range of anorectal conditions, including modern treatment modalities such as sacral neuromodulation. A unique and comprehensive reference covering all aspects of the evaluation and treatment of anorectal disorders, Anorectal Physiology - A Clinical and Surgical Perspective will be of significant interest to proctologists and coloproctologists, gastroenterologists, colorectal surgeons, gynecologists and all other professionals interested in anorectal physiology.