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Contract Law

Published : Thursday 30 May 2013
ISBN : 9781780432250
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Contract Law

30 May 2013


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Contract Law, Second Edition is a comprehensive account of Irish contract law and contains all of the developments since the first edition was published in 2001. This edition contains two new chapters as follows: - How to successfully make contracts - Remedies other than damages, namely specific performance, injunctions and restitution The law relating to contracts is set out and explained under clear headings and in straightforward language. In addition, every major Irish case on contract law is considered. Particular emphasis is placed on practical matters such as the construction of contracts, breach of contract and contractual remedies. Also includes: A large number of new cases from the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court on every area Written by a practitioner who is also an academic, this book sets out the principles and case law in a clear and structured manner with easy to use headings. Practitioners, students and anyone who has to deal with contracts in the course of their work will benefit from this most welcome new edition. Contents includes: Offer and Acceptance; Consideration and Estoppel; Intention to Create Legal Relations; Formal and Evidentiary Requirements; Electronic Contracts; Express Terms; Implied Terms; The Incorporation of Contractual Terms; The Construction of Contractual Terms; The Construction of Exemption Clauses; The Sale of Goods and Consumer Protection; Mistake; Misrepresentation; Duress, Undue Influence and Unconscionable Bargain; Illegality; Restraint of Trade; Contractual Capacity; Privity of Contract and Assignment of Choses in Action; Classification of Terms; The Doctrine of Frustration; Performance and Termination of Contractual Obligations; Damages.