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Criminal Behavior: A Psychological Approach

Published : Friday 5 February 2016
ISBN : 9780134163741
Price : €138.56

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KEY BENEFIT: Building on a tradition of excellence, Criminal Behavior: A Psychological Approachis accurate, well-researched, contemporary, and comprehensive. It offers a detailed look at crime, what may lead to it, and how criminal behavior may be prevented - all from a psychological perspective. With a focus on serious crimes, particularly those involving violence, this book offers an all-inclusive look at a very complex field through effective and engaging material that has been tested for more than thirty years. Now in the Eleventh Edition, you'll find crucial updates relating to crime definitions and DSM-5 categories, as well as the most current statistics and recently proposed models and theories. Numerous topics - such as intimate partner violence, juvenile sex offending, terrorist recruitment, elderly abuse, and sexual burglary - now receive more extensive coverage than ever before. KEY TOPICS: TBD MARKET: For anyone interested in criminal behavior, criminology, the psychology of crime, crime and delinquency, and forensic psychology.