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Diversity, Difference and Dilemmas: Analysing concepts and developing skills

Published : Monday 16 October 2017
ISBN : 9780335261826
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16 Oct 2017


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Kish Bhatti-Sinclair is Reader in Social Policy and Social Work and Head of Social Work Programmes at the University of Chichester, UK. Kish is known for her work on social work, race and racism, including researching border controls and IT in the countries of the EU, globalisation in relation to social work values, troubled families, black and minority ethnic children in care, and inter-professional working in a culturally appropriate way. Chris Smethurst is Head of the Department of Childhood, Social Work and Social Care at the University of Chichester, UK. Prior to a career in Higher Education, Chris worked in a range of social work and social care settings: in community work, youth work, residential child care, day services and in learning disability and community mental health teams. This experience informed a particular interest in the impact of social attitudes on social policy and on the day-to-day work of practitioners and organisations. Social Work is increasingly delivered in complex situations. Key to professional practice is developing a sensitive understanding of the issues of diversity and oppression. The book will introduce you to social differences in relation to class, race, disability, gender and sexual orientation. It will offer guidance, tools and methods to promote attitudes and behaviours which enable us to live well together whilst respecting cultural, religious and ethnic differences. It also explains the essential skills expected in the professional standards such as the PCF. Instead of providing a reductive 'how-to' guide to diversity issues, this book invites practitioners to develop a considered and analytical approach to diversity issues that are often complex, multi-faceted and contested - and to reflect on the issues involved. The book features: * Explanations of key terms such as anti-oppressive or anti-discriminatory practice * An understanding of class assumptions and prejudice * A look at attitudes to Roma people and religious fundamentalism and the challenges these pose to social work practice * Coverage of minority groups such as the deafblind * Discussion of issues of race in social work and avoiding stereotypes * Summaries of core knowledge and skills for the social worker in each chapter * Case studies featuring contemporary issues to provide lessons for social work This is an essential book for all those interested in providing excellence in practice, whether students, newly qualified social workers or established professionals in social care. ***This book forms part of the Social Work Skills in Practice series. The series focuses on key social work skills required for working with children and adult service users, families and carers. The books offer both theoretical and evidence-informed knowledge, alongside the application of skills relevant for day-to-day social work practice. They are an invaluable resource for pre-qualifying students, newly-qualified social workers, academics teaching and researching in the field, as well as social work practitioners, including practice educators, pursuing continuous professional development.