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International Financial Management

Published : Friday 8 August 2014
ISBN : 9781118929322
Price : €68.25

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As more businesses in today's economy are moving towards a global reach, it is essential for finance students to understand how the fundamentals of corporate finance relate to multinational firms. This book provides a conceptual framework within which key financial decisions of a multinational firm can be analyzed.

Designed for students taking courses in international finance, international financial management, multinational finance and multinational financial management, International Financial Management offers a variety of real-life examples, both numerical and institutional, that demonstrate the use of financial analysis and reasoning in solving international financial problems. * Includes coverage of the emergence of the new international financial system, the rise of the BRICS and the credit crunch. * Complete use of IFRS throughout the chapter on measuring and managing transactions. * Contains numerous Asian, Latin American, African and European cases, applications and examples. * Provides a truly global context for the study of international financial management. * Focuses on decision making in an international context. * Contains coverage of all of the traditional areas of corporate finance including: working capital management, capital budgeting, cost of capital and financial structure.