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Qualitative Analysis: Eight Approaches for the Social Sciences

Published : Thursday 20 February 2020
ISBN : 9781526465252
Price : €34.10

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Qualitative Analysis: Eight Approaches ...


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Helping the reader get to grips with theory and apply it to qualitative analysis, the authors introduce eight analytical approaches that are key to social science research.

Introducing eight analytical approaches that are key to successful social science research, this book helps you get to grips with theory and apply it to qualitative analysis. With two 'matched chapters' dedicated to each approach, it provides a balance between theory and analytical method. The first chapter grounds the approach in theory and the second uses real-world examples to show how to conduct your own analysis using the approach. Drawing on the contributing authors' wealth of experience, the book: * Highlights how analysis relates to the entire research process and helps you position your analysis within the larger context of your research * Provides a strong, theoretical foundation for building good qualitative analysis * Guides you through translating theory into real-world practice in your own research Detailed, clear and accessible, this book is perfect for students who want to understand the theory behind qualitative analysis before conducting their own research, or develop their understanding of specific approaches.