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Rena Dumas: An Interior Architecture

Published : Thursday 9 January 2020
ISBN : 9782376660316
Price : €66.28

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First monograph on Rena Dumas, interior designer for Hermes maisons and stores around the world

Interior architect, designer, and founder of the agency RDAI, Rena Dumas (1937-2009) developed an architectural style that was subtle and meticulous, with which she marked her many creations for clients that included Hermes, Artemis, Christie's, John Lobb and Yves Saint Laurent. Her sensitive approach to space, along with her love for natural light, are evident in the Maison Hermes Ginza in Tokyo, designed in collaboration with the architect Renzo Piano, as well as in all Hermes's maisons and stores around the world since the 1980s. Her studies of materials and colours nourished her passion for design, from tableware to 'Pippa', her timeless collection of nomadic furniture. This detailed monograph, including over 400 documents, photographs, plans and drawings, traces her 55 years of creating, reflecting a talent that transcended fashion.