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Revolutionary Bodies: Homoeroticism and the Political Imagination in Irish Writing

Published : Tuesday 22 February 2022
ISBN : 9781526135421
Price : €96.40

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An ambitious and wide-ranging study of the Irish gay novel, not merely in relation to a broader Irish political and historical narrative, but also a global one of increasing neoliberal domination legitimated by liberal social politics.

Revolutionary bodies provides a detailed study of the erotics and politics of the male body in Irish fiction. It examines work by Brendan Behan, John Broderick and Colm Toibin to critically analyse the emergence of contemporary Irish gay fiction since 1993, especially its most notable genres: the coming out romance and the historical romance. The book assess the role of the novel in the evolution of Irish LGBT politics, mapping a literary and cultural space where the utopian aspirations of sexual liberation have clashed with the reformism and neo-liberal political rationality of identity politics. The book offers a unique critical intervention into our understanding of queer Irish cultures in the wake of the 2015 referendum and the Varadkar election. -- .