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The Communist Manifesto

Author : Karl Marx
Published : Friday 20 January 2017
ISBN : 9780745399379
Price : €9.20

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A stunning edition of Marx and Engels' classic manifesto with an introduction by Jodi Dean and afterword by David Harvey.

*Winner of the New York Times Book Covers of the Year, 2017* 'Workers of the world, Unite!' The Communist Manifesto is arguably the world's most influential political manuscript. Surviving through countless decades of revolution and counter-revolution, Marx and Engels' incendiary treatise remains as essential today as it was in 1848: providing a framework for the people's liberation as they struggle against systems of extreme oppression across the globe. Urgent and alarmingly well-written, The Communist Manifesto resonates beyond the confines of history and political theory - issuing a call-to-arms in the fight to end crisis-ridden capitalism.