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The Hegel Variations: On the Phenomenology of Spirit

Published : Tuesday 31 January 2017
ISBN : 9781844677047
Price : €11.75

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New in paperback: Master philosopher and cultural theorist tackles the founder of modern dialectics

In this major new study, the philosopher and cultural theorist Fredric Jameson offers a new reading of Hegel's foundational text Phenomenology of Spirit. In contrast to those who see the Phenomenology as a closed system ending with Absolute Spirit, Jameson's reading presents an open work in which Hegel has not yet reconstituted himself in terms of a systematic philosophy (Hegelianism) and in which the moments of the dialectic and its levels have not yet been formalized. Hegel's text executes a dazzling variety of changes on conceptual relationships, in terms with are never allowed to freeze over and become reified in purely philosophical named concepts. The ending, on the aftermath of the French Revolution, is interpreted by Jameson, contra Fukuyama's end of history, as a provisional stalemate between the political and the social, which is here extrapolated to our own time.