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The Modern Law of Contract

Published : Wednesday 12 January 2022
ISBN : 9780367697952
Price : €47.00


Written by an author team with over 60 years of teaching experience, the new edition of The Modern Law of Contract is the complete textbook for students of contract law, providing not only clear and authoritative commentary but also a selection of learning features to enable students to engage actively with the law. This, the 14th edition, has been fully updated to address recent developments in contract law, including the implications of COVID-19 and the UK's future relationship with the EU. It offers a carefully tailored overview of all key topics for LLB and GDL courses, and includes a number of learning features designed to enhance comprehension and aid exam preparation, including: boxed chapter summaries that offer a useful checklist for students, and illustrative diagrams to clarify difficult concepts; 'Key cases' that highlight and contextualise the most significant cases; 'For thought' features that ask 'what if' scenarios; 'In focus' features that provide critical commentary on the law. Also including further reading at the end of each chapter, and a companion website with additional resources, The Modern Law of Contract enables undergraduate and postgraduate students not only to fully understand the essential details of contract law but also to develop a profound and critical understanding of this fundamental area.