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The Sociology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

Published : Wednesday 24 June 2015
ISBN : 9780241182291
Price : €24.10

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Part of the popular Big Ideas series, this book introduces you to the subject that tells you all about what society is and what makes it tick. It includes over 80 ideas from the world's renowned sociologists, covering topics as diverse as issues of equality, diversity, identity and human rights; the effects of globalization; and more.

Exploring more than 80 of the big ideas and key theories in the field of sociology in a clear and simple way, this is the perfect introduction to the study of how humans live and interact with each other. The Sociology Book offers a deep dive into a range of societal issues, ranging from government and gender identity to inequalities, globalization and even the Disneyfication of today's world. New globalizing forces make our world increasingly interconnected. Similar issues affect us all: discover the tension between the needs of the individual and society, the changing workplace, and the role of everything from government to mass culture in our lives. To explain each concept, The Sociology Book makes each topic crystal clear using quirky graphics, pithy quotes, and step-by-step summaries. It defines terms such as liquid modernity and communitarianism, and explains the theories of seminal thinkers from Karl Marx and Auguste Comte to Sharon Zukin and Judith Butler. Examaning everything from antisocial behaviour to how the middle classes monopolise the best jobs, The Sociology Book is an unmissable read for students and anyone interested in human behaviour.