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European Union Law Revision Concentrate Pack: Law Revision and Study Guide

Published : Friday 21 August 2020
ISBN : 9780192893727
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EU Law Concentrate and Concentrate Q&A EU Law are the ideal companions for study and revision when you're looking to consolidate knowledge and hone your exam technique.

These two revision and study guides have been packaged together to offer you great value when you're looking to get the most out of your revision. EU Law Concentrate is the essential revision and study guide for law students looking to consolidate knowledge and achieve the best possible marks. Providing clear, succinct coverage of all the key topics, it enables you to quickly grasp the fundamental principles of this area of law and excel in your exams and coursework. Concentrate Q&A EU Law contains model exam questions and answers, with expert advice on recognising what examiners are looking for, structuring a first class answer, avoiding common exam mistakes and making your answer stand out from the crowd.