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The Nurse Mentor's Handbook: Supporting Students in Clinical Practice

Published : Friday 1 October 2010
ISBN : 9780335237210
Price : €24.40

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All nurses have a duty, via their professional code of conduct, to pass on their knowledge and this book is the ideal companion text for all new and trainee nurse mentors.

The importance of the role of the mentor in the education and development of health care professionals who are fit to practice is well recognised. This book, which focuses on the role as it applies to nursing, is a timely and complementary addition to the growing 'pool' of available literature on this subject. The book offers mentors and 'would be mentors' a cogent approach built on practical experience and a rational synthesis constructed from the field of relevant literature. The author uses 'real world' anecdotal student comment to illustrate the points made thus providing valuable insight into the student perspective. Sylvia Hepworth, Principal lecturer / Subject Leader: Flexible Learning, University of Huddersfield, UK Part of the nurses' role upon registration is developing student's knowledge and competence, therefore I believe this book is an asset for any nurse - mentor or not. It facilitates development of teaching skills and reinforces the various theories of learning ...The handbook assists the nurse to be a role model for students and provides fantastic points for providing feedback for improving students confidence, competence and knowledge. Amy Hutchinson, Staff Nurse The book itself is laid out into bite-sized chapters making the whole book a pleasure to read and made it easier for me to find the information I needed for separate areas of my assignment...The student reflections of practice reminded me of situations I had faced and also made the content of the book easier to understand. Ellie Hickman, Mentor Preparation Course, University of Greenwich/ South London Healthcare NHS Trust, UK This book covers all aspects of mentoring for nurses. It has clear links to current NMC Outcomes for mentors and links theory to practice really well exploring how mentors can support students in practice within the realities of limits on time and patients as the priority. The chapter on teaching and learning theory is a great overview of the complex theory around practice based learning. References and links onto other reading are weak in some sections, but as a starter book for new mentors it's a great introduction. Jan Royal, Lecturer, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Physiotherapy, The University of Nottingham, UK All nurses have a duty, via their professional code of conduct, to pass on their knowledge and this book is the ideal companion text for all new and trainee nurse mentors. This book provides a unique guide to strategies and ideas to help devise and enhance learning opportunities for their students. With a practical and accessible style, the book answers all those questions that mentors may have about the mentoring role, including: How can I create a good learning environment? How should I assess students in practice? How do I support failing students? What should I include in my mentors portfolio?The book includes cases, quotes from practitioners, strategies, tools and interventions that you can use in clinical practice. The Nurse Mentor's Handbook is centred around the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) mentor standards, and is easy to relate to nurse mentor courses and the requirements for effective updating.