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Gateway to Arabic Flashcards Set Three: Fruit and Vegetable Vocabulary

ISBN : 9780956688224
Price : €7.48


This set of flashcards covers 64 items of fruit and vegetable vocabulary. Each item is illustrated on one side of the card, with the Arabic, English translation and pronunciation guide on the reverse. The pack also contains suggestions for classroom games and activities.

This pack of 64 double-sided flashcards focuses on fruit and vegetables and it includes the food items featured in 'Gateway to Arabic Book Two', among many others. Each of the 30 fruits and 34 vegetables is illustrated with a high quality colour photograph. The Arabic singular form of each word is given on the reverse, together with the English meaning and transliteration to assist the student in learning the correct pronunciation. In addition, plural forms are provided where appropriate. A leaflet is also enclosed containing suggestions for games and learning activities. The cards should prove beneficial not only to self-taught students, but would also serve as a valuable teaching tool in the classroom.