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Why She Ran

ISBN : 9781473699229
Price : €16.09


A thrilling, terrifying crime novel by the author of After She Vanished, When She Was Gone and If She Returned.

'A dark, chilling and fantastic read' Patricia Gibney Criminologist David Dunnigan and his troubled niece Beth are on the run. Beth has been accused of killing a high-profile detective and everyone thinks she's guilty. Even Beth, who has no memory of what happened, wonders if she is capable of murder. As Dunnigan and Beth set out to prove her innocence, they are hunted by the same forces responsible for Beth's abduction nearly twenty years ago. In a chase that takes them from Hamburg to Prague, to a compound in the bleak expanse of the Nevada desert, Dunnigan eventually comes face-to-face with their enemies. But did Beth really kill the man she had come to think of as a friend, and what secret will Dunnigan discover that could end Frobisher's After Dark Campaign once and for all? The time has come for Dunnigan to make a decision: will he be brave enough to make it, knowing that everyone he loves can't possibly make it out of this alive?