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Immigrants as Outsiders in the Two Irelands

Published : Wednesday 31 July 2019
ISBN : 9781526145598
Price : €23.00

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Immigrants as outsiders in the two Irelands takes an all-island approach to map the diverse experiences of migrants in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Immigrants as outsiders in the two Irelands examines how a wide range of immigrant groups who settled in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland since the 1990s are faring today. It asks to what extent might different immigrant communities be understood as outsiders in both jurisdictions. Chapters include analyses of the specific experiences of Polish, Filipino, Muslim, African, Roma, refugee and asylum seeker populations and of the experiences of children, as well as analyses of the impacts of education, health, employment, housing, immigration law, asylum policy, the media and the contemporary politics of borders and migration on successful integration. The book is aimed at general readers interested in understanding immigration and social change and at students in areas including sociology, social policy, human geography, politics, law and psychology. -- .