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Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers

Published : Friday 7 December 2018
ISBN : 9781526455840
Price : €36.45

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To help teachers confidently teach mathematics in primary school, this book develops their understanding of mathematical concepts and processes and how children learn them.

'This user-friendly interactive book makes concepts simple and gives you the confidence and knowledge to learn and teach mathematics to primary children. You can conveniently access easily digestible content to build and test your knowledge. It's a must have on any teachers book shelf!' SAGE Primary Mathematics Student Panel LESSON PLANS AND WORKSHEETS: Save time with ideas and resources for planning your lessons. PROBLEM SOLVED! VIDEOS: Visualise how to solve a question by watching a quick animated demonstration. LEARNING AND TEACHING POINTS: Feel confident in the classroom with these key points to remember when planning and teaching. QUESTIONS AND QUIZZES: Achieve a firm grasp of concepts and a clear understanding with self-assessment questions and quizzes. FREE INTERACTIVE EBOOK: Study anywhere with your portable and convenient eBook! USE ME WITH... Student Workbook Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers 6th Edition 9781526424686