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Rethinking Luxury: How to Market Exclusive Products in an Ever-Changing Environment: No. 25

Published : Tuesday 10 January 2017
ISBN : 9781910649978
Price : €20.47

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Rethinking Luxury: How to Market Exclus...


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The luxury market has long been the exception. Protected for decades - and even centuries - from swings in economic fate and taste by consumers with money and demands for something extraordinary. But the world is changing, and those changes have already initiated some of the first-ever structural changes to the once-untouchable luxury market.This essential book paints a roadmap for the future of marketing to the rich and super-wealthy. Written by experts in the sector, the book combines broad strategic knowledge with probing sector research. It couples scientific research documenting the transformation with exclusive insider information. Case studies highlight what works now and what's likely to continue working in the future. This important work will become the handbook of how to win the attention of affluent consumers and ignite their passion for rare and bespoke products.The luxury market remains significant - the ideas and insights in this book is essential reading for the sector.