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The Rise of Organised Brutality: A Historical Sociology of Violence

Published : Monday 3 April 2017
ISBN : 9781107479494
Price : €25.85

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A comprehensive sociological analysis of all significant forms of organised violence, challenging the popular view that organised violence is in continuous decline. Illustrated with examples from around the world and throughout history, this book will appeal to students of political and historical sociology, conflict studies, international relations and political science.

Challenging the prevailing belief that organised violence is experiencing historically continuous decline, this book provides an in-depth sociological analysis that shows organised violence is, in fact, on the rise. Malesevic demonstrates that violence is determined by organisational capacity, ideological penetration and micro-solidarity, rather than biological tendencies, meaning that despite pre-modern societies being exposed to spectacles of cruelty and torture, such societies had no organisational means to systematically slaughter millions of individuals. Malesevic suggests that violence should not be analysed as just an event or process, but also via changing perceptions of those events and processes, and by linking this to broader social transformations on the inter-polity and inter-group levels he makes his key argument that organised violence has proliferated. Focusing on wars, revolutions, genocides and terrorism, this book shows how modern social organisations utilise ideology and micro-solidarity to mobilise public support for mass scale violence.